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Nor-V-Gen® is made using the original proven formula developed over 90 years ago. It is the result of hand-crafted quality, patience and a unique blend of superior grade ingredients. Nor-V-Gen® is odorless and colorless and does not contain any animal by-products or silicone that may damage stitching. Nor-V-Gen® is barnyard acid proof. Nor-V-Gen® waterproofs, protects, softens and extends the life of all types of leather.


Nor-V-Gen® may darken some leather, it is not suitable for use on suede.


Nor-V-Gen Shoe Oil:

Apply to the surface of clean, DRY leather goods. Use a generous amount of Nor-V-Gen® Oil particularly on seams or where uppers are joined to soles. Allow to soak in for a few minutes. Buff with a soft cloth. For optimum protection, repeat application.

Nor-V-Gen® has been used on many leather products such as boots and shoes, baseball mitts, tack - bridles, harnesses, saddles, chaps, backpacks, furniture, gloves, belts and many other leather products. 


Nor-V-Gen Shoe Oil 8 fl. oz.

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