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Kelly’s Water Protector repels water when applied on leather and suede shoes, boots, handbags and jackets. Kelly’s Water Protector contains a special polymer agent that repels water and at the same time retains the natural feel of leather. Kelly’s Water Protector is recommended for all fine leathers, suede and nubuck. Kelly’s Water Protector is great for use on shoes, boots, hats, jackets, neckties, handbags and clothing. Kelly’s Water Protector will give invisible water protection and it will not darken light colored leathers.


Kelly’s Water Protector is available in a 5.5 oz. can.


Directions to use Kelly’s Water Protector make sure surface to be sprayed is clean and dry. Hold can of Kelly’s Water Protector 6 to 8 inches from surface and spray evenly over entire area. Allow the article to dry thoroughly and repeat as necessary. After wearing, repeat as necessary to improve repellency. Please follow instructions on the can.


Kelly’s Water Protector

SKU: B014B30A2Y
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