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Treated for strength and uniform unwinding tension, this tape is reliable and perfect for any athlete. It is the best easy-tear, multipurpose tape available!


Durable Design

Durability is important in athletic tape, and this high-tensile strength prevents breakage from occurring, even during fast application. This saves trainers and coaches time from re-taping injuries and gets players back on the field in an instant.



Rolls measure 1-1/2”W x 45”L.


Made for Comfort

A porous design featuring a 100% cotton backcloth (latex free) keeps air flowing to the taped areas, enhancing comfort, eliminating sweat, and speeding recovery time. This design also allows the tape to conform to the area where it's wrapped, providing even greater comfort and support. It can be worn for several days to help with inflammation and pain relief around the clock.

Athletic Tape

SKU: AT001
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